Friday, March 07, 2008

Recipe Slump

Have you ever been in a recipe slump? You're fixing the same things over and over, you're feeling uninspired, or maybe, like me, you're eating out WAY to often. Well, Lisa TerKeurst is having a little Recipe Swap and Hop over at her blog for this exact thing. I'm glad to post a couple of recipes to hopefully help some people out. I've already been over at her blog collecting some recipes for myself. It's a very good thing!

Easy Tuna and Noodles

3 c. of elbow noodles
1 can tuna, drained
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 to 2 c. cheese
fried onions.

Cook and drain the noodles. Dump into a 9x13 pan (spray pan with cooking spray first). Stir in tuna, cream of chicken soup, and half of the cheese. Top with remainder of cheese and fried onions. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until warmed through. The actual recipe calls for only 1 cup of cheese for topping. I like to mix some cheese into the tuna/noodles though because it makes it creamier.

Taco Pie

1 lb ground beef or chicken
1 can refried beans
cheddar or colby jack cheese (1-2 cups depending on how much you want)
taco seasoning

brown ground beef and drain (or cook and dice the chicken). Stir in about 1/2 packet of taco seasoning. Spray a 2 qt casserole dish with Pam. Spread a tortilla with beans, lay in dish, layer hamburger and cheese on top. Repeat until ingredients are gone (probably 4-5 times). Top with tortilla. Cover and bake for 30 minutes at 350. Cut into triangles. Serve with sour cream, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, or whatever suits your family's tastes.

This has been a long time favorite at our house. When we were a family of 2 adults and 2 little kids it made the perfect amount. Now that we are 2 adults, 2 bigger kids, and 2 little ones, I almost need to double it and make 2. Enjoy!


Laura said...

yummm - we love taco pie. Sometimes I use cornbread instead of tortillas. I mix all the ingredients and then pour cornbread over it and cook. Yum yum yum! Making me hungry!!

Jen said...

Sounds yummy, Jenny. I just posted a Taco Soup recipe on Lysa's site. You might like that, too since your taco pie recipe sounds yummy, too.

Totallyscrappy said...

The taco recipe sounds yummy!

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by by blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos.

I totally understand the recipe slump. I considered myself to be a ho-hum cook, and then I made online friends with a couple of great cooks/moms/bloggers. They helped answer my foodie questions and encouraged me a lot.

To make a long story short, we are now collaborative blogging on our new site, Happy to be at Home, with the goal of encouraging other moms (like me) to be happy at home—-through recipes, tips, and general encouragement.

So if you're in a recipe slump again, you might want to see what we have in our recipes section. You might find something that works for you!

Happy to be at Home