Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Strange Dreams

When I am embarking on a new experience, I often have strange dreams about it. Whenever I've been in training for a new job, I would find myself dreaming about the processes I had learned that day during training. I don't really enjoy those dreams because it doesn't feel like I'm really getting good rest. It's a toss and turn kind of sleep.

This fall, I'm embarking on a huge new journey. The journey of homeschooling my 4th grade son and 2nd grade daughter. Up until now they have been going to a Christian school. This year we felt God's leading to bring them home.

So, guess what I dreamed about last night?? Yep! Homeschooling. My dream was that I couldn't find a book that my Instructor's Guide said that we needed. While I tossed and turned in my bed, my mind looked through lots of books from the homeschool bookshelf. I wonder if this dream means that I need to spend more time familiarizing myself with our stuff.

I do plan to spend some time each day looking through our curriculum. I want to ease into homeschooling and have a good feel for what we're going to be doing these first few weeks. We aren't planning on officially starting our homeschool adventure until August 18th. I sure hope that I don't spend the next few weeks having strange dreams about it!


noble pig said...

Yeah that would be stressful which is why I'm sure you are dreaming about it!

Cute site!

Daisy Girl said...

Good luck with you homeschool adventure!

I have been homeschooling and I have 1 going into 2nd, 1 going into K and 1 who thinks she is going into K.

What made you decide to pull them out? What curricumlum did you go with?

I too get stressed and this is my 3rd year. It always seem to take a month to get our groove. :)