Friday, January 18, 2008

Limerick Fun

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer is having a limerick writing contest. At first, I couldn't remember quite how to write a limerick. However, Shannon had links to some sites that explained it. I decided to have a little fun with it. If I wouldn't have had so many things to do today, I would have written more, because honestly, I was having a ball! Here are some of mine...

My son won't get ready for school.
With his toys and his siblings he fools.
I plead and I yell,
It's not going well.
Does anyone have tricks or tools?

(For real, friends, we have serious ADHD morning routine issues. If y'all have ideas, leave me a comment!)

There once was a mom with four kids.
And too many bowls without lids.
Lots of laundry undone,
But she had much fun
In her crazy, busy life with four kids.

There once was a friend named Dee.
Who was sweet and caring as could be.
Though not good at art,
She had a big heart,
And could make me laugh 'til I peed.

I had so much fun with those. And, if not for running lunches to school, helping with a school party, making supper, taking care of the kiddos, and going to see this incredible woman in concert for FREE, I would have written more. I'm off to fix supper because the doors to the concert open at 6:30!

Have a great weekend!

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Rising Rainbow said...

I've always thought that limmericks were more fun than hikus