Sunday, January 20, 2008

Poems by my son

N decided to join in on the poem writing action. N is almost 9 years old. He's my firstborn. There's just something special about that!! N is a very smart kid. He has a huge heart and makes me laugh a lot. N loves cars. When he was just 3 years old, we could walk through the parking lot at the mall and he would name the cars we were walking by (Honda, Ford, Chevy, Lexus, Mazda, etc.). He is also a pretty good artist. Guess what he likes to draw?? Cars, of course!!

He hopes you'll enjoy his poems about his little brothers.

My Lil' bros.

My Lil' brother C is cute.
He's sometimes a brute. But
usually actin' cute.
Wait, not cute, adorable!

My Lil' brother P is a can of sugar.
He's sometimes a booger, but usually cinamon and sugar.

I'm loving these poems the kids are writing!

N also drew a cool picture of the Nebraska State Capitol tonight.

Happy Monday!

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