Sunday, January 20, 2008

Poems by my daughter

My daughter, K, wrote a couple of poems tonight. They are so sweet, so I thought I would share them on my blog. K is 7 and a first grader. She is a petite little thing, but her zest for life is huge!! She smiles and laughs and loves big. K loves to read, especially Junie B. Jones books. She is quick to make new friends and is quite the conversationalist. She's my only girl and I'm so incredibly glad God gave her to us!

All About Me!
Im cute pracktickley adorable
Im incuriging I Love my Big Bro
hes cute deffintley adorable very
funny he Love cars sometimes hes
mean...But...the best part of
all my Life is I LOVE GOD
My Little Brother P
hes sweet like candy. :)
I love him very much.
hes cute!

My Brother
We offten play.
When we fight theres a big knot betewen us.
But...when we get along its all better.

I didn't edit these for spelling or grammar. (Ha, I'm terrible at grammar, so of course I didn't!)
On this poem she drew three pictures. The first one they are smiling and playing cars together. On the second one they are both frowning. K is saying "dont" and N is saying "why" and his face is red (from anger, of course). In the 3rd picture, they are smiling and holding hands.

I Love my mom
My mom is nice she cares for me.
I Love her and she Loves me.
She speshil olways to me.
Shes the Best!

I think her poems are pretty awesome! I hope that she'll continue to write poems. She LOVES to write in journals. I wish that poetry and journaling were things that I did consistently. I journal from time to time, but not as often as I would like to.

**Doh! I have no idea why the second half of this post is small. It looks right when I edit it, but it ends up all smallish here. Oh well. I'm not too smart at all this computer stuff.**

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Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Jenny - have stumbled over from P Dub's site. I love your little kid poems - such a precious snippet of their childhood to immortalise. Hope they get to see them when they are older. I am about to post about how my 3-year-old daughter speaks French! (Not really, but her accent is to die for!). Come visit sometime.
Bush Babe