Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AI results

I just finished watching the American Idol results show. A couple of thoughts...

-Thanks to Ryan for telling the 9 year olds who may have been watching tonight, that 9 is TOO YOUNG to be kissing. My 9 year old didn't happen to be watching, but still, I was thankful that he said that!

-Aww, poor Brooke. She was heart broken. I don't usually cry watching AI, but she actually made me tear up. She's the type of person I could see myself being friends with. She's awesome! I wish her well.

-Syesha seems to be having Sanjaya type luck. This isn't the first time that I thought she would be the one to go home, and she's been in the bottom three a lot!!

That's all. Thank you. :)

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