Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol Top 5

Tonight during AI, I was watching my children sing in the Spring music concert at their school. The musical was called Amerikids. It was very well done and I really enjoyed it, except for the fact that the gym was about 85 degrees.

On the way home it dawned on me that I had forgotten to put a tape in the VCR. We're living in the dark ages and we don't have DVR. I've had DVR in the past so when I have to set up the VCR to record a show, it's pretty much torture! I was able to catch all of tonight's performances on youtube videos, so I thought I would post my thoughts.

Jason Castro - I really liked Forever in Blue Jeans. His voice and style really appeal to me. When he sang September Morn, I was a little bored. As much as I like Jason, I'm afraid he's going to have to step it up a little more in order to stay.

David Cook - For his first song he sang I'm Alive. I thought it was pretty good and a fun song, but not one of his best. His second song was All I Really Need Is You. I loved it. It had a current feel to it. The judges all gave him rave reviews. I'm pretty sure he'll be just fine tomorrow.

Brooke - When she sang I'm a Believer, it was just alright for me. That's not one of my favorite songs, so that could be part of the problem. But, I didn't think the song really fit her. However, I did NOT think it was a nightmare like Simon said. For her second song, she sang I am I said. I really loved it! Brooke and the piano belong together. That is her thing! I hope she'll be good for tomorrow.

David Archuletta - He was my favorite tonight by a long shot. Maybe because I was more familiar with the songs he chose (Sweet Caroline and Coming to America), or maybe just because, he was awesome! I thought that they were fun songs for him. I got goosebumps when he sang Coming to America. Yay, David! He'll be right next to David Cook on the couch tomorrow!

Syesha - I can't remember the names of the songs she sang, and quite honestly, I'm too lazy to go back to youtube and look it up. I think Syesha has a really pretty voice. She can definitely sing, but I just don't connect with her at all. On her second number, she looked like she was having fun, and that type of song really seems to be her element.

So, top 2 of the night?? The Davids!

Who goes home?? My guess is that Syesha will go home.

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Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yeah, I think she's going home too.