Saturday, August 12, 2006

Baby is Getting Brave

Yay!! Last night, Gitchy started taking a few steps. He is the 3rd child and is sooo laid back. He didn't crawl until he was nearly a year old. Now, he's almost 14 months old and last night he decided he could give walking a try. He walked back and forth between me and the couch several times. Big brother and big sister were sitting on the couch and would clap for him when he made it. He was so adorable. He would get to the couch, stop and then clap his hands while trying to still keep his balance. It won't be long now and he'll be readily walking. And then, I will really have to keep an eye out for him.

I had a great time playing hooky from my to do list yesterday. It was already miserably hot and humid by the time we got to the zoo, but we enjoyed it anyway. Gitchy was really watching all the animals and even petted the llama. I love babies excitement over the animals. We came home for lunch and put the pool trip on hold until after supper. Hubby stayed home with the baby and I took the big kids to the pool. I had so much fun swimming with them and going down the big water slides with them. I usually hang out in the shallow area and play with baby. I think N & K like it when they get mom to themselves for awhile! I even managed to do up the dishes and get a couple of work things done yesterday. So, I guess I didn't completely neglect my household duties!! :)

Have a happy Saturday!


Overwhelmed! said...

Hooray for your baby's first steps! It never ceases to amaze me how each child develops at their own pace, and that's okay!

I'm glad you liked my post about our wedding anniversary. The cathedral WAS amazing! It took my breath away!

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Beck said...

Hey, my third is really laidback, too - she just started walking a few weeks ago, and she's 15 months old! I'm glad she's my third baby and not my first, because I'd have freaked out with my firstborn... the third baby isn't the only laidback one!
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