Friday, August 11, 2006

I think I will rebel today!

I have a long list of things that need to be done. I have plenty of laundry, some dishes, vacuuming, dusting, a couple of bathrooms that could use some help, and a stack of paperwork a foot high. I also work from home part time and need to put in a couple of hours at my desk. We're getting ready to list our house on the market and need to do some decluttering and organizing for that.

But, you know what I've decided?? School starts in 11 days. I only have 7 weekdays of all 3 children being at home with me. The things on my list? They aren't going away. They will still be there tomorrow and the next day if I don't get to them today. So, today, I'm going to go have fun with my kids. We're going to go to the children's zoo this morning (before the heat is unbearable). Then after we come home for some lunch and a short nap for baby, we're going to go to the pool! I'm going to forget about the things that need to be done (for now). I'm going to enjoy my kids and these last days of summer!! If I can figure it all out, maybe I'll post a couple of pictures later.

What are you doing today?


kim said...

Yeah for you Jenny and welcome to Blogville. Enjoy yoru day of playing hooky, we all need to every so often!

I'm pretty new as well. Come over and visit, there aren't to many post so you can catch right up and get to know me quickly! (grin)

My family and I are traveling out to RMNP so I will definitly see what your hubby has to say.

Karen Kingsbury is a favorite author of mine

and well, I think I may have happened upon a fun new blogger!

hubby said...

You rebel! Good job on the blog!