Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen things on my August Calendar!

  1. Today my daughter has an eye doctor appointment. Apparently it is now required to have an eye exam before entering kindergarten. Did you know that 1 in 5 children have an undiagnosed vision problem??
  2. Later today I'm taking my baby in for his 1 year pictures. (Never mind that he is almost 14 months!!) I can't wait to get his cute little curly head pictures framed and hung up!!
  3. Meetings, meetings!! It seems like at the beginning of the school year there are lots of wonderful meetings!
  4. The annual back to school picnic. We're excited about this one! We get to go eat and hang out with friends from school that we haven't seen all summer!! Too bad it will probably be 100 degrees while we're trying to eat our potluck food outside!
  5. The 2nd Annual Back to School Luau!! My friends Jen and Ryan are hosting this. We had a blast last year. They have lots of fun activities for the kids and lots of good food! And, of course, Hawaiian attire if you wish!
  6. August 22nd is my son's first day of 2nd grade!! He's excited to see which friends will be in his class. We already know that one of his best buddies will be!
  7. August 23rd is my daughter's first day of Kindergarten!! She is so excited!! She has the same teacher as my son had 2 years ago so she'll feel comfortable right away. Plus, the girl is NOT shy at all!
  8. August 24th is so special!! My hubby and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage!!!
  9. August 25th.... Something special is happening today but I can't say what just yet. I think hubby might be reading my blog!
  10. Swimming! It's my goal to get the kids to the pool as many times as possible before school starts. This week the weather hasn't been very cooperative. But, I am soooo thankful for the great rain we have received!
  11. A play date or two. How can it be the end of summer already? There are so many people we should have tried to have a play date with. We'll try to squeeze in a couple among all the swimming we'll be doing.
  12. A little more back to school shopping. My oldest just informed me that his shoes are already too small. His little toe will be poking out of the front soon if we don't get to Payless! I'm pretty sure daughter will need tennies too. She'll probably want about 5 other pair to go along with that, but we'll stick with the necessary for now.
  13. Days at home with only one child!!!! Poor little Gitchy will probably miss his big brother and sister. I am so excited to have some one on one time with him though. And, I get to take naps with the baby!!!


Tracy said...

10 years! Wow! :) Awesome! Congratulations!

My 13 is up! :)

Lyn said...

Great first list! Thanks for visiting my T13 - Classic Books I've Never Read Edition at Bloggin' Outloud. lgp 2 cents said...

Sounds like August will be a busy month for you!!

Have a great Thursday!!

Denise said...

Welcome to blogging and welcome to the Thursday Thirteen!

Caledonia said...

I just started T13 as well and it's quite exciing getting all these comments! Hope you fun!

Norma said...

A busy August. I was seeing school ads in mid-July. Seems the summer goes too fast.

My TT is up.

Overwhelmed! said...

What a busy month this is for you! :) Congrats on your upcoming 10th wedding anniversary!

My husband and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. You can read about it at

Rabbit said...

I have a second-grader and a kindergartener too. And happy anniversary, a little early!