Monday, August 14, 2006

Women...according to my 7 year old

Yesterday we were getting ready to go to the park. I overheard N (7 yr old boy) and K (5 1/2 yr old girl) having the following conversation.

N: K, why do you want to wear those Nemo sandals? I thought they left marks on your feet.
K: I don't care if they leave marks, I still like them.
N (with a sigh): Women are so complicated!!

It just cracked me up!


e-Mom said...

Really, really cute!

BTW, nice to meet you. Were you asking about information on how to keep track of comments over at BooMama's? If so, I found this on someone else's site.

(If you're not the one, sorry about that!)

Mom2fur said...

Wise beyond his years, LOL! Isn't it great to have a blog where you can keep all these cute memories?
BTW, posted the stroganoff recipe under Menu Plan Monday for you! It's in your comments.